Cloud Services: It Looks Like a Win for Microsoft

Cloud Services

Microsoft invades Britain as the company debuts its complete cloud services to the UK market. Britain-based data centers are the sources of the newest Internet package. As the second largest market for Microsoft cloud-based software, British demands for data localization is also spreading across Europe. In fact, this Internet phenomenon is legitimately widespread around the globe.

Microsoft Cloud Services and British Internet Users


Different customers in the market are expected to have viable access of this comprehensive cloud service. Microsoft reiterated that the British industries such as banking, legal, public, and utility sectors could readily access and run their daily business transactions and operations over the Internet. It also reduces the need for hardware-based connectivity, helping businesses cut costs and expenditures on cables, wires, and the likes.

Cloud services and the shift to Internet-based operations is a groundbreaking event for most British companies that are reluctant due to data security and regulatory reasons. Microsoft UK Marketing and Operations General Manager, Nicola Hodson confirmed the goal of the company. She highlighted the aim of Microsoft to provide customers quality access to the cloud.


Britain-Based Cloud

In the previous years, Microsoft customers have been depending on data centers that are based in locations such as Amsterdam and Dublin for their cloud software.


Cloud Services

The release of cloud services in Britain is a breakthrough for Microsoft that operates over 100 data centers around the world.


Global Tech Pioneer

According to Microsoft sources, the UK Ministry of Defense is the first to invest on the cloud office infrastructure and apps.


Based Cloud

Data security and cost savings are just few of their objectives. The Ministry of Defense reportedly spends over $3 billion a year and employs 230,000 people for technical infrastructure.

Other Cloud Customers in the UK

There is a growing list of Microsoft customers that are taking the queue for their cloud services. These are just few of the companies in the ever growing list:

  • Aston Martin – automaker
  • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust – largest mental health agency in the country
  • Capita Plc – largest business process outsourcing company in Britain
  • Marks and Spencer Group Plc – retail business
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines – aviation industry


Microsoft is the second largest cloud software supplier, next to Amazon in the top spot. Other companies in the same niche include Oracle, Google, and IBM, among many others. The cloud service in Britain hosts Office 365 which is the newest replacement of the classic Microsoft Office software. It contains a suite of applications for cloud services. Microsoft also introduces Azure as their UK-based cloud infrastructure platform and software. There are also future plans to add the cloud marketing and sales application suite, Dynamics CRM Online. Microsoft aims to materialize the upgrade plan within the first quarters of 2017.